Why Does Diabetes Cause Renal Failure – Diabetes & Kidneys Explained!

A common question people ask is why does diabetes cause renal failure?

Kidney problems are relatively common in people with diabetes around 25% of diabetics have some form of kidney disease.

Renal failure caused by diabetes usually occurs slowly, over many years. There are 5 stages of Diabetic Kidney Disease that eventually lead to complete renal failure. Read about the 5 stages here.

Why Does Diabetes Cause Renal Failure

When your blood sugar levels are high, the small blood vessels in your bodyRenal Failure In Diabetes become damaged. When the small vessels in the kidneys become damaged, this is the start of diabetic kidney disease. Your kidneys rely on these small vessels to keep it healthy and functioning properly.

Diabetes also causes nerve damage, meaning that the nerves in your bladder may become damaged causing problems with the correct emptying of your bladder. If too much urine is left sat around in your bladder, and because of the high sugar content in your urine, you are more prone to getting a water infection which can back up to the kidneys causing damage to your kidneys.

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