Toenail Fungus Medication – Treatment That Works For Yellow Nails

Toenail Fungus Medication – Treatment That Cures Yellow Nails

This common condition impacts as much as 8% of the entire adult population. It can appear on both finger and toe nails and is characterized by thickening and a yellow or cloudy appearance to the nail. It is about twice as common in people with diabetes. Before I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, toenail fungus was a problem, but I did not take it seriously because over-the-counter remedies seemed to work just fine.

However, after having diabetes for a while I began to notice yellowing and Fungus Nailsthickening in the big toenails that spread to some of the other toes, too. Was diabetes doing this to me?. What I did not know was that toenail fungus can lead to an increased risk for amputation. That means those benign-looking ugly toenails can no longer be covered up and ignored.

All of the treatments I tried had none or very little effect after 2 months, so I gave up on them. Most over the counter remedies can take upto 12 months to work. My toenails if anything were getting worse and been a type 1 diabetic as mentioned above I could not wait around and had to find a cure quickly.

I searched online for a cure and came across Zeta Clear, Its quite expensive but I was willing to give it a go, I could not risk getting a diabetic ulcer leading to an amputation.

I noticed they offered a 100% money back guarantee, so I decided I would  try the product, because of the money back guarantee I went for the cheaper option of a 3 package deal which would last me 3 months, which is about the time frame most reviews I read said it took to cure the fungus.

My Results

Firstly I would like to point out that the treatment takes only about 30 seconds to apply.
I noticed a slight change in the colour of my toenails after about 4 weeks of use, and my fungus was totally gone except for on my big toes by week 9. It took until week 11 for my toes to be totally free from fungus.

Where to Buy Original Product?

The original product can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer. This allows the company to control the quality of the product and service customers receive. Purchasing Zetaclear from the official website ensures you will receive an authentic product (beware there are copies about). In addition to that, the company‚Äôs 90-day money back guarantee is only available to purchases made from the official website. Purchases made from other websites or retail stores are not eligible. Lastly, the company offers deep discounts for buying in bulk, something you are unlikely to receive if you buy Zetaclear anywhere else.

Preventing Further Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nail infections develop when your feet are constantly warm and damp. You’re more likely to get an infection if you wear trainers for a long time and have hot, sweaty feet.

To prevent fungal nail infections:


  • treat athlete’s foot as soon as possible to avoid it spreading to nails
  • keep your feet clean and dry
  • wear clean socks every day
  • wear flip flops in showers at the gym or pool
  • throw out old shoes
  • keep your toenails nice and short


  • do not wear shoes that make your feet hot and sweaty
  • do not share towels
  • do not wear other people’s shoes
  • do not share nail clippers or scissors

I have also recently discovered that nail fungus is spread by many salons, If you are having pedicures ask if all the instruments have been cleaned in a steam cleaner, its the only way to kill ALL the fungus. or ask if they use disposable tools.

Appropriate salon disinfectants include the following:

  • EPA-registered Hospital disinfectants with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal claims on the label.
  • 10% bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water)
  • Isopropyl alcohol, 70%-90% solution
  • Ethyl alcohol, 70%-90% solution

Coclusion: Nail fungus is awful to look at, but more importantly for me I had to clear it up before it got any worse. Luckily I found Zetaclear and it worked for me,  for others it may take a little  longer than 3 months.

Other people report getting good results from Laser Treatment, but this treatment is very expensive when done by a professional. you can buy a home laser kit from or I cant review them because I have never tried them.


Garry (Type 1)

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment please do so in the comments section below. I will try to reply to you within 24 hours.


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