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Importance of Wearing a Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical alert bracelets enable rapid identification of people with a number of illnesses including diabetes, which can make them unable to communicate their illness to others.

Benefits for People with Diabetes

Medical alert bracelets can be extremely important for people with diabetes. Should you have a hypo reaction and suddenly become confused or unresponsive, the bracelet allows immediate identification of the problem to both bystanders and paramedics. The sooner the hypo reactions can be identified, the sooner you can be treated.

What You Should Put on a Medical Alert Bracelet

The message on your medical alert bracelet should be concise and to the point. “Diabetes” should be engraved boldly on one side. The other side of the bracelet can have other information such as “insulin dependent” Other important information can include a relative or loved one’s phone number.

Where To Buy a Medical Alert Bracelet

I recommend buying your Bracelets or other Medical Alert Jewelry from a company called Mediband, you can visit the Mediband website here, Another good place to look for a Bracelet is Amazon, you can visit the Amazon Bracelets Here


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