Low Vision Aids – Products For The Visually Impaired & Blind

Low Vision Aids for the visually impaired and blind

The majority of people with a visual impairment may still have a degree of useful sight and can be helped and encouraged to make better use of this remaining vision. Below are a range of products & ideas that can help you with everyday life

Low Vision Aids

Audio Books 30 day free trial
Magnifying Glass
Big Button Phones For the Visually Impaired
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audiobooks and premium spoken-word entertainment

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Hand-Held Magnifiers are used for things to be seen close up and are often known as magnifying glasses. These magnifiers are designed for short term tasks such as reading menus, prices, and medication.

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Electronic Magnifiers are easy to use devices that use advanced technology to help you see everyday objects, writing and more. Electronic magnifiers come in different styles they can be handheld, desktop or book magnifier, you can also get magnifiers that are compatible with computers so working and surfing the internet is easy

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Please click the pictures below to see the range of products

Talking Watches
Large Print Crosswords
Big Button Remotes
Blaze EZ OCR DAISY Player
low vision games
Playing Crads
Braille Products
Daylight Lamp
low vision timers
Home & Kitchen
Canes for the blind
low vision pens
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8 thoughts on “Low Vision Aids – Products For The Visually Impaired & Blind”

  1. Mike L says:

    I found out I was diabetic about 2007… I don’t have nor can afford insurance so it’s been untreated/uncontrolled for 4 years now.
    Even if I had insurance I am not sure that I would take any prescribed medication any more since there has been so many bad effects publicized lately (most recent, the pill that caused gangrene of the genitals). I sure never liked the idea of insulin shots, so used pills in the past.

    On occasion, my vision will get where I need to use reading glasses to read things ( usually after eating a bunch of chili is when I’ve noticed it ). When this happens I can’t even read the numbers on a meter. Fortunately they make meters that talk so I can hear what my sugar level is at.

    This hasn’t happened for a year though. I am definitely going to have to read your article on alternative treatments later tonight as I am relaxing after my days of activities/running around are done.

    1. Garry Brown says:

      Hi Mike, I think all diabetics should get free treatment as we do here in the UK. I have done quite a bit of research on alternativetreatments for diabetes so i hope you find these articles useful.

  2. Kari says:

    Hi Garry
    I was diagnosed when I was 13 with type 1. I have had it now going on 33 years. Currently waiting to receive my new pump that comes with blood glucose monitor patches. So excited to be able to know exactly what my BS (blood sugar LOL) is at any moment of the day or night. I love all of the information you have here, it is very helpful and I will be back to check out all of your new info. Thanks and Blessed Be

    1. Garry Brown says:

      Hi Kari, so glad you found my article useful, I think the tech for diabetes control is getting amazing, hopefuly i will be going onto the freestyle libre soon so no more finger pricking for me.

  3. Matt's Mom says:

    Boy, some good choices here. I know that getting older makes it harder for me to see things close up. I like the magnifier for sure! Actually, this would make a great gift for my dad as well. Thank you for the great list of ideas!

    1. Garry Brown says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment, I am glad you found the article useful and it helped to decide on a gift for your dad.

  4. Wow! you really have a lot of information on your site!
    I was just a bit distracted with the pop-ups, but over all you have really provided thorough research.
    I wish you the very best.

    1. Garry Brown says:

      Thank you for your comment, yes i do a lot of research into the topic of diabetes.

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