Insulin Pump Accessories – Large Range of Cases, Bags & Pouches

Insulin Pump Accessories

Insulin Pump Accessories

Insulin pump accessories offer protection, flexibility and personality

Insulin pumps cost a lot of money, they are small electronic devices that can easily be knocked and broken, so it is important you look after your pump. It can be safely and discretely attached in lots of different ways, such as to a belt, in pockets or in pouches attached to your thigh or upper arm. They are a large range of products on the market to protect your insulin pump, below we explain some of your options

Insulin Pump Bum bags

A bum bag is a safe way to wear and protect your insulin pump around your waist, You can also buy waist belts to wear underneath your clothing that not only offers protection but discretion also. You can buy both that in addition to wearing them around your waist they can go over a shoulder or across the chest

Bra pouches

These pouches generally clip onto the middle of the bra between the cups and the pump hangs down. They offer great protection for your pump, and make reaching for your pump to make adjustments very easy.

Thigh pouches

Thigh pouches offer extra flexibility and can be a good if you’re looking to conceal your pump say when wearing dresses and skirts. They can make any adjustments you need to make to the pump quite a task if you are wearing trousers

Arm pouches

You can buy arm pouches for your pump, they offer great flexibility, a cheaper alternative is to buy a phone or ipod arm band.

Clips and holsters

Clips and holsters secure your pump to a belt, waistband, pocket or another part of clothing

Insulin pump harnesses

An insulin pump harness allows you to wear your pump in the middle of your back. They offer good protection when particapating in sports like jogging.

Insulin pump carry cases

When you have an insulin pump it usualy means you have a bit more kit to carry around than if you was on insulin pens.
To keep organised its a good idea to have a case for all your pump supplies.

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Insulin Pump Cases

6 thoughts on “Insulin Pump Accessories – Large Range of Cases, Bags & Pouches”

  1. migzzz says:

    Hi Garry!
    Wow! Who knew there could be so many insulin pump accessories. I personally don’t know anybody who has an insulin pump but I do see them quite often in the hospital.
    I hope you are doing well with controlling your diabetes. I see many who struggle but also many who are doing well.
    I thank you for this informative article. Maybe I can see some examples of these products in the future. I’ve seen more of the clips and holsters but not the other ones (not that I can remember anyway).

    All the best to your endeavors.

    1. Garry Brown says:

      Hi Migzzz

      I do know a few people on the insulin pump, some have got better control now, others just can’t get to grips with it. I personally was refused a pump by my team due to my eyesight damage from diabetes. The numbers on the screen were just too small for me to manage to set the pump up or make any adjustments…… I count the clicks on my insulin pens for the correct dosage.

  2. You are writing about a very important subject. There are many people suffering with diabetes. I agree with you, protecting the pump is very important.

    1. Garry Brown says:

      Hi Rev.John Harrison

      That is true there are many many people suffering from diabetes around the world, and the rate of type 2’s is increasing very fast.

      Some diabetic equipment is very expensive to buy so it makes sense to protect it

  3. Hi, Garry.
    First of all, I’d like to thank you for dedicating your time and life purpose to diabetic people. My grandma is diabetic, too, and I grew up watching her dealing with this illness. It is sad that our society treats diabetes as if it was part of our culture instead of for what it truly is: A rapidly growing chronical illness which often could be prevented with a few, but lasting, changes in someone’s lifestyle. What do you think is the best accessory for the insulin pump? I can actually picture my grandma handling such a bra pouch well. I’m sometimes worried that she’d leave her pump someplace where she can’t reach it in case of an emergency. Where would it be better stored than close to her heart? Just a thought, but I will definitely suggest her some sort of accessory. Yours seem pretty neat and well explained, too.

    Thank you so much for all this great info.

    Sending you much love, happiness and an abundance of all good things,


    1. Garry Brown says:

      Hi Keryn,
      Thank you for your kind words

      Lifestyle changes would only prevent some cases of Type 2 diabetes, not type 1 diabetes.

      I personally do not have an insulin pump, I’m on injections, but I think the most popular accessory is a waist or body pouch.

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