How To Use An Insulin Pen – Do It The Right Way

One of the first things you need to learn about how to use an insulin pen is how to store them. Do NOT store them in direct sunlight.

Each box of disposable insulin pens comes in a box of 5, take out 1 pen and leave it at room temperature for you to use daily if you put this pen in the fridge it usually hurts when the insulin goes into you cold.

The remainder of the insulin pens should be stored in the fridge until you need them. These are good until the expiry date stamped on the box and on the pen. Do NOT let them freeze.

The pen you have kept out of the fridge to use daily is good for around 30 days as long as it’s not been left in hot direct sunlight. >> (when I go on holiday to a really hot country, I do these 2 things)

  1. First I buy an Insulin Cooler Case to keep my insulin protected with the hard case shell and the aluminum insulator layer & the gel ice packs. This item is ideal if going off for the day site seeing
  2. I also get the key to my hotel room fridge, to keep my other insulin pens cold. ( TIP: never pay for the fridge, you should get it free if you tell them its to store your medication ( if they insist on payment remind them off your “disability rights”)

If you are on 2 kinds of insulin (like me) its best to use 2 different colored pens, so you know which is which.

Priming A Insulin Pen

It’s important to use a new needle every time you use your pen, this stops it hurting and also stops you getting infected sites where you inject. Prime your insulin pen every time you use it by dialing up 2 units and pushing the injection button to make sure insulin is coming out. Now clean the site where you are going to inject with an Alcohol Wipe to help stop getting infections. You are now ready to dial up the required amount of insulin and inject, It’s important that you use a Sharps Bin to dispose of the used needle.

I have found this video on youtube, so you can get a visual as well. Watch Here >> How To Use Your Insulin Pen

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How To Use An Insulin Pen

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