Freestyle Libre Cost – Free On NHS UK April 2019

Free Style Libre Cost

FreeStyle Libre consists of a small sensor patch that is placed on the arm and can be worn for up to 14 days. Developed by Abbott Diabetes Care, the patch measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluid between the cells right under the skin.

Although the measurements are not as accurate as using a blood test, the device allows patients to monitor their glucose levels continuously and wirelessly, either using a reading device or downloading an app on their phones.

So…. what is the Freestyle Libre System Price,

You can buy the Freestyle Libre Starter Pack for £159.95 direct from Abbott, the sensor which last up to 14 days are £57.95 each. so the running costs are around £115 per month.

Good News

The NHS England has announced that the device will be available on prescription to people with type 1 diabetes from April 2019

Products for your Free Style Libre System >>

Maio Maio


Turn your Freestyle Libre into a CGM with blood results sent to your phone every 5 mins read more here Amazing product that gives you a warning that your blood sugars are getting low and you may have an hypo Watch the video here

Protect your sensor with these clear patches

cover your sensor and protect it from getting caught and it pulling out, from getting sensor too wet, stops bacteria getting under your sensor.Medical-grade acrylic adhesive.

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Freestyle Libre Handheld Vinyl Sticker
Personalize and protect your handheld meter with these covers.Different designs to choose from.

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Protective Cover for Freestyle Libre

Snugly fitting protective cover for the Abbott FreeStyle Libre made from a solid, silicone-like plastic, comes in different colours.

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Freestyle Libre Sensor Vinyl Sticker
Personalize your sensor with these Waterproof Vinyl Stickers
Lots of designs to choose from.
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Please leave any comments below, lets talk about if you think you will start to use the Freestyle Libre.

Or if your already use the Freestyle Libre, please leave a comment below about your experiences.

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