Diabetic Socks For Men – Non Elastic, Stops Swollen Feet, No Blisters.

Diabetic Socks For Men

How diabetes can affect your feet

Diabetes can severely damage your fingers, toes, and feet, persistently high blood sugar levels will permanently damage the blood vessels and nerves throughout your entire body.

This common complication of diabetes is known as “peripheral neuropathy.”

The more damaged the blood vessels and nerves in your feet become, the more you lose the sensation and feeling in your toes and overall foot, a simple blister or cut, and a sweaty foot that’s been covered in socks and shoes all day…and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a potentially dangerous infection.

These infections will then lead to foot ulcers which are a nightmare for a diabetic person, and if not treated swiftly and correctly can lead to amputation

The longer a cut takes to heal, combined with persistently high blood sugar levels, the more likely that cut is going to become infected.

What are diabetic socks?

They are socks designed specifically for people with diabetes, they help your feet stay dry, preventing rubbing and improve blood circulation

Keep your feet dry to prevent fungal infections

Diabetic socks are made with special combinations of fabric that helps with moisture and keep your feet dry during the day.

No seams to prevent cuts and blisters

Diabetic socks have no seams and usually have extra padding where blisters commonly occur. While ordinary socks may be tight around your calf, leaving visible compression lines, diabetic socks are designed to fit well without any restriction.

Impaired blood flow can also make it harder to keep your feet warm. By wearing socks designed to improve circulation and prevent restriction, you’ll prevent that comfortable feeling of frozen toes in the winter!

Should you be wearing diabetic socks?

The people that benefit from diabetic socks and could save their feet are those with neuropathy and a history of foot ulcers.

If your feet have been affected by diabetes, diabetic socks are meant for you.

While I can’t specifically recommend any particular brand of diabetic socks — because I haven’t worn them myself — I can direct you to a lengthy list of diabetic socks on Amazon.

Diabetic Foot Care Tips

For tips and advice on how to look after and protect your feet if you are a diabetic please read my Guide Here

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