Diabetic Foot Pain Relief Products – Which Ones Really Work

One of the many complications of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy, which causes severe foot pain and means many patients are in search of products that can help with the pain relief

Around 7 out of every 10 diabetics will at some point experience some form Diabetic Foot Pain Relief Productsof foot pain caused by damaged nerves due to their diabetes. Over time, factors like high blood sugar cause this kind of nerve damage.

Some of the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include numbness, tingling, burning, sharp pains, cramp, pain when the skin is touched, ulcers, infections, bone, and joint pain.

Diabetic neuropathy is not reversible, but there is plenty of products on the market to help you with the painful symptoms.

Diabetic Foot Pain Relief Products

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Diabetic Foot Pain Relief Products

What Causes Diabetic Foot Pain

Diabetes causes many complications (Read my post Complications Of Diabetes) Most of your foot pain is because of diabetic nerve damage and poor circulation caused by vascular disease.

Tips For Diabetic Foot Health

  • Check your feet daily, looking for any redness, swelling, blisters, cuts, or soreness.
  • Wash your feet daily making sure to dry them thoroughly between the toes.
  • Keep your toenails trimmed, if you have severe numbness it’s advisable you get a podiatrist to do this for you.
  • Never walk barefoot, even on the beach. Always wear closed-toed shoes or slippers. Do not wear sandals
  • When you are sat down move your foot around and wiggle your toes
  • If you suffer from swelling in the feet and legs, keep them elevated when sitting
  • If the skin on your feet is dry, keep it moist by applying lotion
  • Gently smooth corns and calluses with an emery board or pumice stone in the bath
  • Always wear socks or stockings. And check the inside of your shoes for any objects that can cause damage
  • Attend your annual foot exam.

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