Dextro Energy Drink Review – Stop Hypo Fast

Product: Dextrose Energy Drink
Price: £29.99 pack of 24 bottles
Where To Buy: Amazon
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Dextrose Energy Drink Review

It is far quicker to treat a hypo with liquid glucose than the traditional tablet form, This energy drink comes in a Fruity Apple flavor, unlike some gels which are horrible.

Being a T1 diabetic I’m always on the lookout for convenient products that I can stash in my coat/drawer/car so if I go hypo (low blood sugar) I always have something to hand. These ‘pouches’ (similar construction to Capri Sun pouches) hold 50ml of a drink containing 25% dextrose (18g glucose) which provide 24g carbohydrate. Dextrose Energy Drink Review

The screw on lid is easily removed and seems unlikely to come off accidentally but I wouldn’t want to put any sharp objects near the pouch itself (it would be fine in your drawer or coat pocket but probably not suitable for in the bottom of your bag or jeans pocket where things will get put on top of them).

When I first purchased these, I did a test when I needed one and these are the results

07:20 Woke up, blood sugar 3.5mmol/L – within a couple of minutes had a full 50ml pouch

07:36 Blood sugar 5.6mmol/L

08:00 Blood sugar 8.8mmol/L

I keep one of these at the side of my bed at all times.

The pros are that these pouches are small, lightweight and at 50ml, perfect for taking in hand luggage on a plane.

They work very fast and are not only used by diabetics but runners, gym addicts, etc because of there size

The cons they are a little more expensive than the tablet form, but when I hypo I want it to end now!

They only come in Apple Flavour, not to every bodies liking

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Garry (Type 1)

Dextrose Energy Drink Review

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4 thoughts on “Dextro Energy Drink Review – Stop Hypo Fast”

  1. As I am unfamiliar with diabetes and it’s terminology what Is a “hypo”?

    Good information to have for diabetics and those interested in the topic.

    1. Garry Brown says:

      Hi a
      Hypo is a reaction you have when your Blood Sugar Levels are low.

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