Bio Chef Juicer Review – Is It Worth The Money

Bio Chef Juicer Review
BioChef Quantum Whole Slow Juicer

Product: Bio Chef Quantum Whole Slow Juicer
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Where To Buy: www.vitality4life
My Score: 9.5 out of 10

Vitality4Life have gone one better on the best selling Atlas Pro whole slow juicer with Bio Chef Juicer Reviewthe new sleek looking BioChef Quantum.  It features the power & efficiency of the Atlas Pro but has a modern juicer base with a convenient handle.

It comes with 2 feeding chutes, the largest chute is 8cm x 8cm meaning you can feed in whole fruits and vegetables without the need to chop into smaller pieces. This is a great time-saving feature and makes juicing so much easier with less preparation time.

Included with the BioChef Quantum Whole Slow Juicer:

  • strainers- create a juice consistency that suits you
  • Cleaning brush & manual with recipe ideas


A juicer should be easy to use, take apart, clean, and store. Juicers are not exactly hard to clean, but it can be time-consuming. The Bio Chef Quantum is easy and fast to put together and to use and it takes less time than other juicers to clean too, with all removable parts being dishwasher-friendly and easy to slot back in. It is free of nooks and crannies where pulp could collect and comes with 2 cleaning brushes making cleaning as simple as possible.


The Bio Chef Quantum comes with 4 strainers, fine, extra fine, coarse & sorbetThe fine, extra fine and coarse strainers allow you to create different levels of pulp, so finding a juice consistency that is right for you is a breeze. The sorbet strainer is a great way to make a range of fruit sorbets, desserts, and baby food.


It is packed with a powerful, commercial-grade induction motor – 400w max rated power which is quite. It gives a slow 37 RPM meaning all the nutrients and enzymes extracted from the fruit and vegetables are not lost by heat from the motor. The motor comes with an extended lifetime warranty.


Measuring 16 x 22 x 46 cm the bio chef quantum is a sturdy piece of kit. It is very sleek looking and will sit and look fantastic on any worktop surface and comes in the following colors, bronze, burgundy, or silver. It has a unique self-feeding system which gently guides produce directly towards the auger at the optimum angle and speed giving best juice yield.

The Quantum’s parts are purposefully made from superior, high-quality materials. The auger is made from an FDA food grade, heat-resistant and BPA free polycarbonate called Ultem. The drum or ‘bowl’ of the juicer is made from a BPA-free material called Tritan which is extremely durable and hardwearing, all parts come with a 12-year warranty for domestic use, and 1-year warranty if used for commercial purposes.

My Overall Verdict

The Bio Chef Quantum is a great top end juicer, it packs many features and is very competitively priced compared to other same quality vertical slow juicers. It is relatively fast for a slow juicer while still only running at 37RPM giving high-quality juice yield. It copes with whole fruits, vegetables and leafy greens in any proportion. Unlike many other juicers, you get very little splurting from the outlet nozzle, meaning fewer spills and more juice in your glass.

The best foods for rich vitamins, minerals and enzymes are leafy greens especially wheatgrass, spinach, kale, chard, cabbage, etc.. you need a juicer that can juice these ingredients well, the Bio Chef Quantum is the perfect choice for these ingredients.

There is no point in buying a juicer if it is to be stuck in a kitchen cupboard and not been used, the stunning Bio Chef Quantum left out on any worktop is sure to be a focal point of any kitchen. It means your juicer is set up and ready to use at any time.

We highly recommend the Bio Chef Quantum whole slow juicer, it will give you great vitamin rich juice, it comes with a lifetime motor warranty and 12 years on all other parts, it’s an investment that is not only good for your health but is going to last you many many years.

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Thanks, Garry

Garry the Diabetic Type 1



6 thoughts on “Bio Chef Juicer Review – Is It Worth The Money”

  1. Christina says:

    The Bio Chef Quantum Whole Slow Juicer sounds like it does a great job with tough leafy greens and other hard fruits and vegetables. I had a juicer before, I think a Cuisinart, and it was OK. It did pretty well with juicing most things. 

    But the one thing with it was that it was a pain to clean! It sounds like this juicer is a bit easier to take apart and put together, which it great. 

    I also love the way that it looks. It would fit in very nicely with my other appliances. I know what it looks like might not seem like a big deal, but like you said, I wouldn’t want it stored in a cabinet somewhere. I’d love to have it out on my counter getting use. 

    Does the fact that it’s a slow juicer make it quiet, or is it just that more of the nutrients get removed from the fruits and veggies? (Or both?) 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Christina, 

      The Bio Chef juicer is very quiet and because it is a slow juicer it means that more of the nutrients are taken from the fruit and veg, with a fast juicer the nutrients are burnt off during the juicing process. A bit like overcooking your veg. Did you read my post about the best fruit and vegetables for juicing, you can read it here

  2. Riaz Shah says:

    Great review garry,

    Wow that looks very effortless, it blends the fruit without us having to put much pressure and crush the fruits first like what I’m doing with my old juicer. This would be an amazing gift if not for myself but I’m curious, how is it that BioChef Quantum can create more juice than any standard juicers though, is it because of the 4 strainers?

    1. admin says:

      it’s a great juicer. yes it’s because of the styrainers

  3. Pronay Pappu says:

    Hey there!
    I really enjoyed reading your article. I’m also looking for a good quality juicer machine. Your article really solved my problem. I really like the Bio Chef Quantum Whole Slow Juicer. It’s suited on my mind and it’s also powerful and it’s so easy to clean. So I suggest everyone try it.
    I’m gonna share this post with my friends and parents. Thanks again for share this article with us.

    1. admin says:


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