Month: March 2019

Best Vitamins For Kidney Health – And The Ones To Avoid

Because certain foods are restricted from your diet you might not be getting all the best vitamins and minerals for

Kidney Disease And Treatment – Know Your Treatment Options

In this post, we are going to be discussing Kidney Disease and Treatment Options for those who are in stage

Kidney Disease And Stages – The Stages Explained

Kidney Disease explained and what are the 5 stages In my earlier post GFR Levels For Kidney Disease I explained

GFR Levels For Kidney Disease – The Numbers Explained!

GFR stands for glomerular filtration rate, it is a number level that is obtained from the amount of creatinine in

Diabetic Kidney Damage Symptoms – Do You Have These Signs!

Do You Have Any Of These Diabetic Kidney Damage Symptoms? Firstly I would like to point out that most people

Why Does Diabetes Cause Renal Failure – Diabetes & Kidneys Explained!

A common question people ask is why does diabetes cause renal failure? Kidney problems are relatively common in people with

Blurred Vision In Diabetes Type 2 – What To Do

It can be worrying if you get blurred vision in diabetes type 2. Chances are the blurriness is been caused

Why Does Diabetes Cause Glaucoma – Find Out Why!

A common question is why does diabetes cause glaucoma ? Glaucoma has long been considered one of the 4 eye